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mas-germany GmbH
Georg-Elser-Str. 11
D-35037 Marburg
Tel: +49 (0) 64211683680

Above-Average Results
from the first Day

Software und Technic

Discussion & Planning

Talk to us. Together we will plan all details of your project in advance. In doing so, we will advise you with our many years of experience in plant construction with your wishes in mind:

  • Possibilities
  • Implementation
  • Goals & deadlines
Development & Elaboration

Our plant draftsmen implement what was discussed together and bring all necessary details to a digital denominator.

  • Plan & Manage
  • Merchandise management
  • Coordination of the teams

An unbeatable plus of mas-germany GmbH is the access to an own company software for your plant. We program software for your plant that supports your wishes:

  • Programming
  • Coordination
  • Service
Structure & Partner

At this stage, your plant has already been planned, and now our team gets down to implementing it.

We have a strong partner at hand: An Austrian plant engineering company that supports us with its manpower and experience.

From now on it's all about:

  • Planning & Coordination
  • Allocation of tasks
  • Scheduling
Service & Maintenance

Your plant is fully operational from day one. To keep it that way, we offer a service that goes far beyond the normal maintenance of a plant. For you thus a stress-free thing:

  • 24 h service
  • own hotline telephone number
  • on-site service
Have in mind: Automation
Hardware component manufacturing

From a single source: control cabinet construction as well as project planning for machine and conveyor technology, electrical design and small electrical parts including the appropriate and coordinated peripherals.


The commissioning of your plant takes place under professional equipment accompanied with high competence of specialized personnel with electrical and mechanical know-how. The associated customer training and training are a matter of course for us.

Software Component

Complete software solutions and their individual programming, e.g.
Programming in Siemens-Simatic-Manager, Siemens TIA-Portal, Visualisierung auf Basis WINCC, Programming in programming languages Visual Basic und C++, Database system for recording process data and evaluations, Programming in Beckhoff TwinCAT II und TwinCAT III.

Have in mind: Service

As part of preventive maintenance, we carry out regular check-ups at your premises as our customer. The examinations of the plants serve to detect defective parts at an early stage and thus to avoid downtimes of the plant.

Our check-up includes a final report and recommendations for action. For this very purpose, we have developed customer-specific checklists that are tailored to the performance cycle and product figures.

Spare Parts Service

Due to our high and well sorted stock of common spare parts we offer a perfect service with immediate delivery and short response times. Some important components that we constantly keep in stock:

  • Steckkette X458,
  • Buchsenförderketten,
  • Kreuzgelenkketten,
  • Rundgliederketten
  • Enthaarungsschläger,
  • Fördergerüste,
  • Elektronikbauteile
    Individuelle Systemkomponenten für Schlachtausrüstung

We provide 24/7 on-call service via our hotline. This includes top priority remote maintenance service.

To minimize downtime for our customers, we offer direct access to a competent team of our help desk service. Thus we guarantee short ways and a high availability.

On Site Service

With our qualified and motivated assembly teams, we guarantee a professional replacement of spare parts at your site.

Have in Mind: Specialisation

Mechanical | Electrical Plant Conversions

We specialize in increasing the performance and process optimization of your plant. This includes the:

  • mechanical construction,
  • project management and
  • electrical design,
  • software adaptations,
  • control extensions and the
  • individual "after sales" service
Complete Assemblies

With a competent team of site managers and specialist fitters, we assemble complete abattoir equipment and plants in the automotive and chemical industries under our own direction.

Strong Partner

Since 2019 we have a close cooperation and partnership with the Austrian company The goal is to combine the mutual strengths into a holistic overall solution for you as a customer.

Process Optimization

We record actual conditions, and start with the analysis and evaluation of the data, then you will receive solution proposals for process optimization.
A conveyor system should achieve an average of 1,000 products per hour. In fact, only 870 are achieved. We determine the missing 130 products by analyzing the following components:

  • Are sufficient products being fed to the plant
  • Downtimes or stop times caused by operators
  • Are other machines interfering with the process

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