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mas-germany GmbH
Georg-Elser-Str. 11
D-35037 Marburg
Tel: +49 (0) 64211683680

We from mas-germany

Leadership needs Experience.

As our Customer, you receive experienced business partners at your side who combine competence and vision. In the mas-germany GmbH Management you meet both components at once.

Gabriel Vitkovic

Service and Installation-Management

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+49 (0) 6421 168368-12

Keep appointments is an important factor, and we comply it to your complete satisfaction from the very first moment.

Sebastian Kapetanovic

Head of Automation, electr. Commissioning and Helpdesk

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+49 (0)6421 168368-10

Our strength is our efficiency and flexibility, which we pass on 100% to our customers.

Our Philosophie

We can sum up our philosophy in one sentence: We want our customers to get what you have imagined. We want to realize your project to your full satisfaction and we succeed in doing so by working closely with our customers, on schedule and reliably.

By following this philosophy, we create a win-win situation for both sides. You as a satisfied customer and us as a plant manufacturer firmly established in the market.

Completed New Plants, Old Plants Rehabilitation

With our partner company der voran from Austria, we have already successfully implemented many of our customers' wishes. In the last 18 years, more than 72 plants have been built. Whether general overhaul or new construction, mas-germany GmbH is always a good choice.


Turnkey Plants

Facilities Managed

Our goal is to keep a plant running even in difficult moments. The plants maintained and supported by us enjoy a minimum failure rate. Not to interrupt the running operation and to carry out maintenance trouble-free are always in our focus.


Facilities Managed

Satisfied Partners

Many work steps and many different stations are involved in a plant, from contacting the customer, to planning, to purchasing, to installation work. These are carried out by people - our partners. mas-germany GmbH makes no difference whether customer or partner, because in the end we all work for one goal.


Satisfied Customers

Call us
+49 (0) 6421 . 168 368 - 10

Sebastian Kapetanovic | Managing Director

Your Advantages

They still exist, the advantages in plant engineering.

DEVELOPMENT & Implementation

You want to enlarge your old plant or build a new one? We implement your project with experience, foresight and manpower.

FLEXIBEL & On Schedule

Time pressure is a real problem for many clients, that's why we work on schedule and with a well-developed plan.

SETUP & Test Run

We build "turnkey" with trial run. And afterwards you can also use our service day and night. 24 hours. 7 days a week.

What our Customers say

We are pleased with the good messages from our customers.

“Can't be done, doesn't exist here. At mas-germany, anything goes. They do it.”

Client of mas germany GmbH

“I was very satisfied with the work shown by mas-germany.”

Client of mas germany GmbH